Learn Online

After 11 years in the industry I wanted to share what I’ve learned.

You’ll have access to 21 videos and counting of my favourite styles with free access to scheduled LIVE classes via Zoom! You’ll learn-

Subscription is only $10 a month (around or just under £10 depending on the exchange rate). Click on the link below to upgrade your skills!

If You’re a Hairdresser
Get the confidence to create beautiful styles for your clients! With a bit of practice and learning how to work with different hair types it’s easy! I’ve been putting hair up for the last 11 years, and yes, I make my living from this, working weddings and styling for occasions really is so much fun, and enables you to top up your income easily. 

If You’re Not a Hairdresser
Then you’re going learn our secrets! Now, let me tell you, putting your hair up yourself is possible, but you gotta put that practice in! Impress your friends with your skills and I bet they’ll be asking you to do theirs in no time. On each video I’ll let you know what hair length and type the style is suited to. 

Below is just a selection of styles to learn. I can’t wait to share my hairstyling secrets with you!